James Comey

This guy is so lost he needs directions to Melissa Dettwiller’s clit. Too much time in the intelligence community is clearly not very good for one’s intelligence. What is that old saying, “power corrupts & absolute power corrupts absolutely”? Years of walking with kings has clearly caused this froot loop to lose the common touch, if he ever had it, which I doubt. Yesterday he gave us this imperishable gem: “There is no such thing as absolute privacy in America. There is no place outside of the government’s reach”. Umm yeah we know faggot, we found out 48 hours ago that you & your traitorous allies have been spying on us relentlessly through our phones, our TVs, our laptops, our vacuum cleaners & our vibrators. This guy is some kind of totalitarian sicko, don’t you think? There is the government & there is the people. They are not the same. What is good for the government is not necessarily good for the people & vice versa. Nowhere is that more true than in America today. The deep state’s dreams of world domination clearly include domination over America & the American people. Moreover, the deep state isn’t even the government. In no meaningful way is it accountable to the people or constrained by us. It is a rogue power structure, at war with democracy itself (various elected branches), with freedom of expression (see CIA “Meme Warfare Center” a psy-op waged against the American people & intended to combat the Alt-Right), & even trivial levels of privacy, private control & liberty. These neo-Bolsheviks want total control. They are no different than Bolsheviks of old, nor is our Cultural Marxist government any different than any other totalitarian government of old, marked distinctively by mass-surveillance & run by bona fide psychopaths. Under every such system, there is some supposedly noble or utopian end being pursued (in America it’s a post-racial utopia that will never be) & under every such system the common people ostensibly believe it will be realized (keyword “ostensibly”, because fear of power is the real cause behind this illusion of both choice & consensus). The deep state is as much the enemy of the American people as any foreign government, maybe more so. That’s pretty clear. And well, this guy is the face of the deep state, & boy what an ugly face it is. If Darth Sidious had anal sex with Gregory Peck’s autistic brother, Schmegary Peck, James Comey is what would come leaking out of Schmegary Peck’s macerated rectum.

Verdict: Not white. To be white, first you need to possess a soul, & Comey doesn’t.

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