Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin wrestles bears. That’s pretty white. He’s from near the Arctic Circle as well. That’s pretty white too. You think he could be a Y haplo N (N1c1a) rather than an R1a? I wonder, I really do. He sort of has the look. If Baltic Germans are circa 30% Y haplo N then Saint Petersburgers (say that 5 times fast!) must be roughly 30% too, no? Vlad the Impaler 2.0 is a commie slayer, no matter what the deep state tells you. He is a man’s man. He is a champion of champions. Did you know that Vladimir is the Slavicized version of the Gothic (Germanic) name “Valamir”? Yeah, that’s pretty fucking white too. Is there anything that isn’t awesome about this guy? Doubt it. He even jails bankers, oligarchs & other unscrupulous social parasites. No wonder the neocons hate him.

Verdict: White.

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