Steve Bannon

This is the vicious anti-semite who had the gall to suggest that the suffering of other groups at the hands of the mass-murdering Nazis was in some way similar or equivalent to the suffering of Jews & deserved to be mentioned in the same breath as Jewish suffering ^TM. Imagine hatred like that. Apparently he is also the mastermind behind Trump’s “Muslim ban” that isn’t actually a Muslim ban at all (but should be). He may also have been behind the attack on Pearl Harbor & the conviction of Alfred Dreyfus, but that can’t be confirmed. It’s just something I read on “real news” site CNN (Pravda 2.0). The depths of his evil require a U-boat to plumb. And that reference is intentional because Bannon is a Nazi, a bona fide, goose-stepping fucking Nazi. So is Trump. And Romney. And McCain. And George Soros. E’rybody a Nazi!!! Kidding. Bannon is not a Nazi. He’s really more like a modern day Rasputin. And judging by the anti-Trump media hysteria of late, the Bolsheviks would certainly kill Bannon & throw him in a ditch too if they could. In all honesty though, I genuinely love & admire this man. He’s like the Alt-Right’s godfather. He is a hammer, truly ruthless. The snowflakes on the left have no chance. It’s a hot day in July in America & will be for the next four years. Suck it up, faggots.

Verdict: Half German & half Irish? White. Really fucking white. And have no doubt, Bannon loves his people. Even if he calls himself a “civic nationalist” to placate the Marxist totalitarian left.

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