Judd Apatow

What kind of fucking name is “Judd”? It sounds more like an onomatopoeic term. It’s apparently Hebrew. Shocker, I know. Judd Apatow is famous for… ugh…ugh…ugh… writing below average Hollywood comedies? Yeah, that’s it. His Hollywood coethnics consider him a genius & a pioneer. : ) No one else does. He recently tweeted his support for the violent Bolsheviks in Berkeley California who rioted to prevent Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking freely & single-handedly obliterating the blatantly false, egalitarian fictions of the Cultural Marxist left, which I should note are really not that hard to obliterate. Apatow also threatened that this was “just the beginning” of violent resistance to Trump’s reign. A Jew enthusiastically supporting Bolsheviks who oppose basic freedoms like free speech, peaceful assembly & the democratic process? Who woulda thunk it? I mean really, it’s almost impossible to conceive of. I’ll tell you, that Hitler guy was nuts equating Bolshevism with Judaism. I mean there’s just no connection whatsoever.

Verdict: Not white. In another life he’d be a guard in a Gulag. And if America continues down the road it’s on, he may yet get to be one in this life.

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