Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo The Fabulous has been triggering SJW snowflakes almost as long as he has been letting guys named Shitavius put their horse dicks in each one of his orifices. Half Jewish & Half Greek, he’s slept with half the Peloponnese & one quarter of Jerusalem. And he’s been to both places only once. This guy has had more bukkake than Adriana Chechik. Adriana Chechik, negro. Milo is more properly understood to be Alt-Light, but he’s a fine ally most of the time. However, recently he denounced white nationalism as “not the answer”. Well, he may be right, but diversity ain’t the fucking answer either, penis breath. Unless of course the question is: “what should you mandate everyone worship if you are attempting to destroy the Western World in under a century’s time?”

Verdict: White. But more likely to get AIDS than a South African hooker with a latex allergy.

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