Mark Zuckerberg

The Portuguese man o’ war has more of a spine than this fucking guy. Nobody knows if he is a liberal or a conservative, a man or a woman, a potato or a fucking ear of corn. Occasionally he’ll go out on a limb & say something supposedly “brave”, but only if that limb is an oligarchy approved limb that won’t threaten his gazillions of greenbacks. He’s also a big Black Cocks Matter supporter & when he’s touring Europe on his private jet I’m sure his wife is too. Every time a Muslim lunatic massacres a few dozen Westerners, he is always the first to reach out to the Muslim community to show that he understands their suffering. Yeah, that is the level of cuckoldry & cowardice we’re talking about. I wonder if he calls the shooter’s family to express his condolences. I know the vast majority of his genome is Jewish but we should really pay an expert to find out what percentage of the remaining genes are weasel. I’m just curious, ya know? I also hear he wants to run for office in California. Well, at least he’s the right species.

Verdict: Not white. Translucent.

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