Jesus Of Nazareth

Jesus wore a gold chain, broke the law repeatedly & had a father who was seemingly always absent. So by that account he may very well have been black. No, but seriously, sub-Saharan Africans do not occupy the Levant & have never done so. Jesus was therefore not black. This we can say with near certainty. However, what he really looked like is largely conjectural. There are no reliable records describing his appearance. He probably did not look the way he has been traditionally portrayed in Northwest European artistic works however. With that said, there are some pretty light skinned, nordic looking people in the Levant. They are just in the minority. There are also some Northern European looking Jews. However, some of this is likely from European admixture in the Ashkenazi & Sephardic populations. If you really want to know what Jesus looked like, look at the small Jewish community that has occupied the Levant for 3000 years or more (Syrian/Lebanese Jews), or look at Maronite christians or Greek Orthodox christians from the region. These groups have been pretty ethnically & phenotypically stable for thousands of years & are more or less distinguishable from the surrounding population. The insularity of these groups did for them what Mormonism does for mormons in America, namely insulated them from the brown tide sweeping across the land (in America that brown tide is the ongoing Third World invasion, whereas in the Levant it was the Arab conquest, as darker skinned J1s flooded into the region from the south, driven north by a psychotic belief system & the promise of easy property, women included). The native people of the Levant have always been whitish. The Kurds & the Alawites could also potentially be placed in this category.

Verdict: Likely white-ish, but there is no way to know for certain, as some members of the group are pretty swarthy & others are quite fair. Along the periphery of Europe & the Mediterranean, or what is really more accurately described as the periphery of west Asia, like in the Caucusus & in the Near-East (Levant), or even in Berber dominated parts of North Africa, certain populations are most aptly described as whitish. Not being native to the European continent, they’re perhaps not white strictly speaking, but being often indistinguishable from whites in many respects & often appearing white, they’re close enough that they’re not really not white either. Arabs, most Indians & most south Asians are not included in this “whitish” category. Jesus, being a Jew who doesn’t seem to have hated white people, & whose communist tendencies were as yet largely undeveloped, can’t be excluded entirely from the white category on account of his worldview. He therefore once more resides somewhere in the ether between god and man. Ugh, I hate religion.

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