Katie Rich

The anti-white hatred of (((some people))) runs so deep that when it’s let out, it even extends to innocent, defenseless children. Such was the case when Katie (((Rich))) thought it appropriate to bully 10 yr old Barron Trump by likening him to a school shooter. I guess he does sort of fit the profile of a (((Dick Wolf))) mass shooter… Our elites are people who take normal, healthy behaviors, like familial affection or the instinct for self-preservation, & pathologize them, as they take abnormal & unhealthy behaviors, like sewing on a dick when you’re a woman or entering the porn industry, & normalize them. When I heard she got fired I got excited, until I found out it was just from NBC. Sorry, couldn’t help myself this time.

Verdict: Not white. After all, white people have souls. Well not really, but you know what I mean.

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