J.J. Abrams

J.J. Abrams is the guy who directed one of the more recent Star Wars flicks (“The Force Awakens” I believe) & never directed anything noteworthy prior. Before the film was released this neo-Bolshevik sicko is on record saying that “the era of the white male is over”, before pledging to racially discriminate against whites in casting actors for his films (white men in particular), all in the name of “diversity”. He certainly knows who butters his bread: the shit-brown underclass that serves card carrying communist elites like him. If you couldn’t tell by his anti-white hatred, his crummy eyesight, his curly black hair & his turtle-like appearance, his people were once wandering desert nomads. Now they just wander about major cities moaning about social justice. If you asked this hate-filled psycho if he was white, he’d probably say “yes”, but then his race isn’t exactly known for its honesty.

Verdict: Not white.

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