Geert Wilders

The iconoclastic Dutch politician has a touch of Southeast Asian admixture. You can see the remnants of the colonial period in his weird shaped eyes. And that blond hair sure ain’t natural. He’s kind of like an unfunny Bill Maher isn’t he? And like Bill Maher he prefers to focus on bad ideas & ideologies rather than the underlying physical/genetic causes of those bad ideas. How convenient. Apparently cousin-fucking, room temperature IQ’s & an innate predilection for violence all have absolutely nothing to do with why Africans & Arabs love Islam so much & are so inclined to adopt it. Riiiiigghhhtt. He has at times tried to distance himself from the Haiders of Europe, because he doesn’t want to be associated with the “wrong rightist groups”. Yo Geert, don’t be a fucking cuck bro’, it’s never becoming of a man. Still, his ardent defense of free speech is honorable to say the least & he seems to genuinely love his people & their customs. There are after all very few defenders of the West left.

Verdict: White.

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